There’s something just so mesmerizing & beautiful about pregnancy. I’m sure most pregnant women will agree… strangers feel like they can help themself to rubbing, poking and prodding your tummy, and then proceed to talk and introduce themselves to your bellybutton. Not weird at all right? I’ve never been guilty of that; however I have been known to hover over my pregnant friends like a faithful fly in a hot Aussie summer, waiting to feel the next kick.

“To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited.  Soul and spirit are stretched – along with body – making pregnancy a time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings.”  ~ Anne Christian Buchanan

I always feel a little edgy when a shoot is scheduled and the forecast is for rain, but I did my best to have a heart to heart with the rain clouds, and sure enough the rain held off till the end of the shoot. I so loved photographing this couple. They drove all the way from the Northen Beaches for their 8:30am shoot with me in Windsor. They didn’t need any warming up, they got straight into it! Angela & Garrett are 36 weeks pregnant (well… more so Angela than Garrett); and I’m super excited to also be doing their newborn photos for them in just a few weeks time. Here’s a few shots from their chilly winters morning shoot… xx

Until 12 days ago the Hendroff’s were a family of 3; Nigel, Heather & almost 3yr old Scarlett. Then the most handsom Jacob Cruz arrived! Besides just being all round lovely, Nigel is one of the most brilliant guitarist around… if you’ve never heard him play, I feel sorry for you. I don’t think he’s ever really noticed; but he’s a bit of a big deal, however don’t tell him I said so. Heather hails from Tennessee, USA and is not only stunning but such a beautiful soul. And Scarlett… well she’s full of beans, and sugar and spice and all things nice. So…. The original plan was to go to their lovely home and do newborn shots of Jacob… but that quickly changed and the other 3 pulled together super fast, sat them on a little couch near a window in their living room (ohhh how I love natural light)… and here’s what happened :) Such a fun, gorgeous, energetic (that would mainly involve Scarlett) family filled with lots of love…

Before I introduce Levi; a little about the parents… Bob & Sheila. I met them a handful of years ago now, before they fell in love. Bob is from Zimbabwe, an incredible musician, teacher and likes to go by the name of ‘Black Knight’. Sheila (you totally need to click on her name) is from LA, a stunning girl with an adventurous spirit, a lover of people, an incredible singer and was born for the stage. I call them family. In the course of hanging out they found out my love of birth. Yes, I did say birth. And yes… this could possibly change after I’ve gone through it. I’ve said before… if I wasn’t a photographer… I’d be a midwife. So why not marry the two and be in the presence of both :) win win! Being the fabulous couple they are… they asked if I’d be keen to be their first birth. They didn’t have to ask twice. Leading up to Levi’s arrival, I had 3 weeks of restless nights sleep, wondering if tonight would be the night, and there’s no way I could miss ‘the txt’. As it happened the txt arrived at 6am Friday morning. Things were moving at a slow pace so I made my way to the hospital around 10:30am, with all my camera gear in tow, ready to capture ‘the moment’. We ended up with about 17 hours of moments… yes, Sheila is my hero. xx

I remember meeting Sarah about 10 years ago; who at that time was my next door neighbour. I encountered the most energetic & happy Canadian girl who always seemed to have a smile from ear to ear… and I love that I now call her friend. Many nights you would find us in my room, Brooke Fraser playing in the background, chatting, giggling, discussing all things life and love. It’s always such a pleasure to witness a persons life grow and blossom in a way you know they completely deserve… and so… 10 years on Sarah’s world has enlarged, not only with her gorgeous husband Ryan, and their delicious son Talinn, but she’s a dedicated personal trainer with a flourishing business I’ve got to say I loved photographing this family… I’m sure you’ll see why… xx